HONE – Residence
You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

Having this quote in mind, we want to create a shared flat, where only future-driven and positive-minded hustlers live. 


1. Hard work is our oxygen.
2. We aim to create some real value for humanity.
3. We learn new things every day, we stay curious.
4. Good things are out of the comfort zone. We leave our comfort zone every day.
5. Don’t be an asshole.
6. We eat and live healthy to effect our body and our mind in a positive way.

Pricing: around 350€ / month

Place: Berlin-Mitte and it’s surroundings


  • small single rooms
  • a big kitchen or a living room for meetings and productivity

Number of persons: 4 – 8 people


    14 + 6 =